Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Day in the Ex-Gay Field of Myths

Jen Austin recently spent a day of her lesbian life at an ex-gay conference in Burleson, TX. She wrote about her experience for the Dallas Voice
A one-day conference, titled “Living Hope, Lasting Change: A Redemptive Response to the Issue of Homosexuality,” was held on March 4 at Alsbury Baptist Church in Burleson. The 100 or so Christians (most of them white) sought answers to questions like: “Does God love homosexuals?” “What if I like boys and girls?” and “Are people born gay, or is it a choice?”

After paying $20, I sat in the back row and quietly took notes. Throughout the workshop, it seemed like attendees agreed with whatever Chelette said. He depicted homosexuality as “demonic” work — that the trend of queer acceptance is linked to a general rise of immorality in modern culture.
Read Austin full account in The Ex-Gay Factor and The Ex-Gay Factor Follow-Up

Hat tip to Tanya Jonker-Bryce at Lesbian Life.


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